What is FPIES, you ask? Well, it stands for Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome. Unlike, an IgE allergy that gives you rashes, hives, anaphylaxis and itchyness, this type of allergy is in the gut (it is T cell mediated). It happens between 2-6hrs AFTER ingestion (instead of straight away), and it causes profuse vomiting, diarrhea, reflux and other symptoms. It can even lead to shock, which requires an ER trip asap, with IV fluids and Zofran… and possibly lead to a long hospital stay. The bad thing about FPIES? It is not something that can be tested for? So, how do you find out what your child reacts to? By food trials. And just hoping, and praying that you don’t see your child suffer through such horrible symptoms ever again.

With Micah, this means that whatever I want to feed him, instead of going at it like I wanted to before starting solids (I did BLW with my 2nd and LOVED it, wanted to do it again), I have to schedule his food trials around the times that will make sure I am around in case of a reaction, and it takes up to 2wks to see a 100% food pass and move on to the next.