Long overdue update, but we have great news!!

Guess what? Micah can eat! We found a way to make his little body react a lot less to all the foods we are trialing. Why did it take so long to get here, you ask? Because no doctor knows about this kind of diet. I had to do online research through allergy groups and such. I even asked the nutritionist about it and she had no idea, had never heard of this sort of thing before but gave us the go ahead. So what exactly did we do?? Well, we started a rotation diet with Micah about 3wks ago. That means we trial 3 foods at once, one food per day. So the same food only comes back every 3 days. Never 2 days in a row or on a constant increase everyday like before. We’ve been trialing Quinoa, Parsnips and Butternut Squash this way… and guess what? Apart from a start up hiccup (literally too!) and having to remove Quinoa, this is working a miracle in my boy. He can now eat Parsnips, Butternut Squash and his Peaches. OMG, say what??? We are about to introduce 3 more foods this week: Melon, Beets and Lentils. Today is Melon. We shall hopefully gain 3 more safes in another 3wks. And then we will be up to 6 foods!!! Can you imagine? My boy is eating! He gets to have meals every day. He is so happy with all the different tastes..

Ohh, once the food has come back at least 7 times in the rotation without issue, we consider it safe and we can then have it in his diet whenever. Even mixed with other foods. So now starts my journey of meal planning and recipes. What can I do with peaches, parsnips and butternut? Hmm… We still have to really work on his muscles and oral motor skills as he still only eats purees, but we are slowly getting there. It is def thicker than before. Next step is lumps in the food.

More updates coming soon… There’s new things happening all the time with Micah now. Oh if you want to see the smaller day to day stuff, we also post on the Micah’s Facebook page. Pictures, videos and funny little things he does.


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