We’ve been scrambling

No no, not like eggs… but close enough. We look like chickens without a head right now. We are looking for Peaches for my sweet little boy. It is not the season for them anymore and Micah needs to eat. That is his ONLY safe food right now and we are running low. Actually, I have enough until Thursday and that is all. We’ve been calling left and right, supermarkets, farms, local organic stores, etc…. nobody has any, and if they do, it is crazy expensive at like 4 peaches for 6-7$. We cannot afford that right now as that is what would last him 2 days, and we are working on 1 income right now. Pray for a miracle! And if you are local, or you know where to find some awesome fresh peaches, let us know! Organic or not, doesn’t matter. Just fresh! He can’t do frozen or dried because of all the added additives in there, and he can’t chew so it has to mix into a very soft puree.

I’ll update again when we have more news! 🙂

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