16 month update

I’m sorry for not updating more. We’ve been very busy lately with many doctor appointments for Micah and his brothers. But I have some news that might interest you about his health. First off, he’s growing! He is now 19lbs 4oz as of this weekend, and I think about 29.75in tall, which puts him at the 5% line for weight and height. It’s been a huge roller coaster of emotions lately with food reactions and low weight gains. He’s been such a trooper. We saw Neurology and Immunology on top of his 15month old pediatrician and GI appointments. Many new plans and many more future appointments. Here’s how it went:

  • Neurology: Well, because of big brother E’s history of absence seizures, and infantile spasms as a baby, and the fact Micah isn’t growing well and has many food allergies and such, the pediatrician wanted us to get an EEG to rule out something we may have not caught before. But after seeing the Neuro, they think he is doing well and doesn’t need an EEG yet, unless his condition worsens or he starts having seizures… well, would you believe that 24hrs after his appointment, he started having some type of blinking seizures (or we think it’s that) quite often. Called them back and there is no appointment until I can get it on video… tss! The problem is, it doesn’t last long and by the time we notice, we don’t have time to grab a phone and capture it.
  • Immunology: This is where things get a bit more interesting. Thinking we were just going to ask to get tested for Mast Cell disorders, after discussing his issues with the Immunologist and his team, he thinks after having a look at him that there is something much bigger and deeper going on. Apparently his features show some type of chromosome/syndrome he may have, so he sent us off to genetic testing and for a sweat test (to rule out CF, which thank god was negative!)… Now we wait on results, which we wont get until we see him next on May 31st. Ahh! So long! He also said we need to continue feeding him and sort of push through most smaller reactions or he will never eat because his body reacts to everything no matter what. He said unless we see major pain/rash or vomiting and bloody stools, to keep going.
  • Gastro: All things are going well on that end. He is gaining weight at his own rate, he looks chunkier and he is happy as usual. We are still trialing foods but have now, since March decided we will be doing the GAPS diet (another post for that). So we tried lamb broth again but that was a major fail with black blood (it came from higher up his GI system so we were told to really stop that one). We are now on day 15 on RABBIT broth (yes, rabbit lol) and doing quite well. No reactions! I think we may have just gotten us our first safe at 16months old. Yay! Next step in a few weeks is to try the meat and add a vegetable (butternut maybe?). I will definitely be posting more about all this as we enter the world of GAPS.

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