And it goes on and on…

It is now March… yes, MARCH!! Wow! Where is time going? Anyway, we’ve had many trials since the potato incident and I figured we needed an update. We thought buckwheat would be an easy pass after potatoes, but turns out it’s a fail also. He then went on to try Moose meat, Rutabagas and now Cauliflower. All of which turned into an added item on his No-No list.

But the good news is, we saw the GI in early Feb and she agreed to send us off to Immunology for MCAS/Mastocytosis testing and whatnot. Something is definitely up. My boy has no safe foods! He is now almost 15 months old and really wants to eat, and it breaks my heart to tell him no, but we are now waiting til further testing is done. Taking another little gut rest til he feels better. He is very constipated and has a distended belly, with muccus and bloody diapers. It needs time to heal.

We go back in mid-April to see GI again, and we see Immuno on March 22nd, so I will be updating more about those then. For now, I leave you with some pics of recent stuff he has been doing/enjoying.

1 thought on “And it goes on and on…”

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