Time for a break

Nutritionist just called me back after I left her a message about a week ago. Because of all the previous many many reactions we’ve had for Micah, she wants us to take a much needed long break with food for him. His body needs to rest and heal. I asked how long is long enough, and we’re looking at possibly until his first birthday (mid-December), if not longer. Which is what I wanted back in August before trialing carrots, lamb and pears. He was already so reactive, this all just made him much worse. But we now have a good plan that I can get on board with. Yay! Take a 2 month break, and then we shall see about future trials if we need to do in hospital or not. I explained he seems to be a day 3-4 reactor if its not an acute reaction, so she doesn’t see the point in doing every single trial there for 8-10 hrs at a time. I know the plan, I know to go to ER if he needs it, etc. So I guess in December we will discuss what to trial next and I will update then.

As for recent update, he is now almost 10 months old and doing well. I have managed to start a re-lactation process to increase my milk supply enough that he sleeps better and doesn’t get so constipated and such. I plan to keep doing so and see if we can completely get rid of the formula by 1 yr old. Exclusively breastfed only would be great. Pur Amino has been a great find to fatten him up but we see many issues still with it and he is still not at baseline (not reacting) because of it.

I weighed him this morning and he is now at 15 lbs 13 oz, which means we have reached the 2%ile curve this week. Yay! He is not gaining fast, but slow and steady is our thing. 3 oz a week seems like a good thing for a boy who used to be on a downward slope for so long.

Now to prepare him for all the upcoming birthdays and holidays, without food. He is starting to get so much more aware of meals and the fact he’s hungry and doesn’t get anything. We have all 3 kids birthdays and my husbands coming in the next few weeks, plus Christmas. That will be challenging with family get togethers and such. But I’m looking at creating our safe plan with my husband and making everybody aware of it. If anybody has any tips about this, lemme know…


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