September already??

Well, we are fastly approaching Micah’s FIRST birthday. Whoa! How is he 9 months old already? That went too fast. On sept 1st, we saw our awesome GI, Dr Sant’Anna, and explained to her what had gone on since we last saw her the previous month (on Aug 1st). It was decided with her and her nutritionist that with all the symptoms Micah had been getting with carrots that they were now also added to his fail list. They gave him a rash, reflux, congestion, diarrhea and more. The more I fed them to him, the more he reacted. Nutritionist said to stop them or I risked having him go into another acute reaction. So those were now crossed off our list.  He was still gaining but because we thought he was CONSTANTLY demanding to feed during the night, the nutritionist said we could trial increasing his feeds to 24cal/oz. Yeah, what a nightmare that was. He got soooo constipated, he screamed in pain for 2days. So back down to 20cal/oz we went (this is normal dilution). Now, ever since then, he has been constipated every time he tries to have a bowel movement, every 2-3days. I don’t know what it did to him, but it was not good.

And then on the morning of the 3rd, he woke up with a fever of 101 (from teething and a cold). I gave him tylenol and it sent us to the ER. He went pale and lethargic and just wouldnt feed. They took his temp again and it was up to 103.8 (eek!)… turns out he reacted to the tylenol. Another thing added to our growing list of fails…

On sept 6th, we also got to see our cardiologist for our twice yearly appt. It went very well. He has been gaining well and his heart is still in the same condition as back in March. If you want to read up on that, go visit his CHD website. On the 16th, the day of his 9mo, I took his weight and he now weighs a whoppin’ 14lbs 12oz and measures 26.5in tall. What a tiny little sprout. But he is strong and mighty. He is now trying to stand and cruise along furniture and let go of 1 hand to stand unassisted. Wow! I’ll be running after this one soon…


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