Hospital stay (part deux)

Yeah, uhm, I’m about a month late on this post. Oops, totally forgot!
But anyway, here’s the rest… Once calm and all set up in our 9th floor room at MCH, they came in the room, weighed him, took some bloods, and sent them off to lab for testing. While we waited on results, they put the famous NG tube in and my boy was a champ. Not too bothered by it, but he was def trying to pull it out knowing it wasnt supposed to be there


They started giving him 30ml through the tube every 3hrs (6am-9am-12pm-3pm-6pm-9pm-12am-3am… literally all day), on top of letting him breastfeed as much as he wanted. The plan was to get him to take half bm feeds, half formula… He pulled out the tube in the morning, but they managed to put it back in quite fast. After 24hrs of 30ml feeds, we increased to 50ml, and he did great. But then he decided he had had enough and pulled out the NG tube. So the on call doctor team decided to go talk to allergist and GI and agreed to do a few feeds by mouth and see if he can handle the bottle feeds. We then increased to 75ml when he was chugging down the whole 50ml bottles (this is 4 days later). That went great! He was a champ at this and gaining at least an ounce a day if not 2oz. They were poking and prodding him 3-4 times a day to check for refeeding syndrome (where your electrolytes go all out of whack after a long period of not feeding well) and also to make sure his glucose levels were good. He hated those but still managed to stay the happy little baby they knew and saw for the past few days.

And guess what? Through all this feeding and gaining fast weight, he was trying to sit up, pull to stand, wave, and crawl. The boy was on a roll! He had so much more energy!

By August 6th (we’d been there since the 1st), they wanted us to increase to 100ml… but he always only really took about 80-90ml of it, so we left it at that. The problem was, now he was gaining too much with 100ml every 3hrs. So they tried just giving once overnight. That helped. He was back to normal gains. They did not want to overfeed him because that could cause more issues also if done too fast.

On August 8th, they came to talk to us and said he was doing very well with 100ml feeds, but since he was able to gain so fast, that once we were home the next day (YAY!), that we could just do BF feeds and do formula top ups only, and go by his demands. They did one last blood test (at this point he had had WAY enough of the constant foot and arm pokes), and let us finish off the last night on our own and I would just ring the bell when he wanted a bottle.


On that same day, all 4 different teams (GI, nutrition, allergy and on call docs) came to see us one by one to explain their follow up and what we were to trial. Around 3pm, they brought us a tray with carrots. I mashed them up and gave him a few bites. This was to be our first food trial in hospital. If it went well for 24hrs, we would go home the next afternoon. He ate the carrots fine but then I realized that on the order on the tray it said they were canned carrots. Darn, now who knows what the can contained apart from carrots. This wasn’t the way it should’ve gone. But anyway, night went well and no vomiting or diarrhea.

August 9th finally came and we got the green light to go home and continue our carrot challenge. GI would call us soon and discuss when we’d see her again.

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