A new fail… and a hospital stay

So, we saw the pediatrician on the 28th of July (Thursday) in the morning. My mother came with me so I could get a ride back home afterwards. But home we did not go. She sent us straight to the ER to get some serious answers once and for all, as she thought he really did not look good and was scared he was in heart failure or something of the sort. He was very pale, hadn’t gained weight in what seemed like forever, and with all his vomiting reactions, she didn’t want to take any chances.

I literally spent 7hrs at the hospital, in the ER, just for blood tests. They did not want to test anything else until they had those results. And they all came back normal… What??? But they promised they’d send a request to cardiology so he could be seen before his scheduled follow up in September, and also to see a GI.

Spent Friday relaxing at home, and getting some much needed sleep. It felt good! Saturday morning we thought we’d go downtown and get some fresh produce at Atwater Market, or go to Eaton’s Center. So we had breakfast, and Micah was still hungry after his breastfeed. I had some homemade hemp milk prepared, so I decided to give him 1oz to top him up. BAAAD idea! 2hrs later on the dot, while we were on the bus on our way downtown, he started vomiting nonstop. And every time more would come out, he would pass out in my husband’s arms. Couldn’t wake him up. Change of plans, off to the ER we went! He was pale, lethargic and vomiting up everything… to the point when we got to the ER at Childrens, it was just bile and blood. If this is what vomit to shock looks like, I never want to see a repeat of this ever again! Super scary… we almost lost him. He was in such bad shape, they rushed him into a RED room (there are 3 ER levels, green, yellow and red), and about 8 doctors rushed to his side trying to get BP reading and all those other vital stats, an IV line in him and some meds to stop the vomiting. Thank god for Zofran!

2016-07-30 10.38.51
When they rushed him into the RED room


2016-07-30 18.05.40
A few hours after IV fluids

It took a few hours of cuddles with mama and getting the good stuff through an IV, before he perked up and started moving around and smiling. We eventually got moved to a Yellow room and he kept getting better and better. Husband and kids went home for lunch and I stayed with the baby. It was a very long day of keeping an eye on him and nothing to do in that hospital ER room. But we eventually got discharged after many blood tests were done to test for IgE allergies and a complete blood count was done. They gave us a new plan and said we’d come in that Monday (1st of August) morning at 8:00am and see the GI, Dr. Sant’Anna asap for a meet the baby appointment and she would then decide what the plan is from there, if we’d get admitted on Tuesday or Wednesday, as inpatient treatment for severe FTT and FPIES. The thing is, she was taking that morning from her vacation time to come see us because of how urgent it was. I loved this doc already!

Fast forward to 8:00am Monday, where I thought this would just be a 30min appointment to discuss a plan with the GI. Turns out she thought he looked so bad and malnourished that she said we weren’t gonna go back home that day. She was sending us straight up to a room asap. So I called my husband, and figured out a plan for him to bring me some clothes for baby and I, and everything I’d need for a stay of about a week. And we waited for a bed to open up. Around 3:30pm, we finally got to go up to 9th floor where we’d be staying the next 8 days…

(Part 2 coming soon!)


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